Town of Mirepoix

History of Mirepoix

Mirepoix is located between the towns of Carcassonne and Foix and is surrounded by stunning views of the Pyrenees. The earliest rendition of the town dates back to the 10th century. The town once sported a moat and ramparts to deter attack. Le Tardis is now located on the street that was once considered the moat around the town. Mirepoix is located in a very rural and agricultural area of south western France where you are likely to see farmers using large horses to till the land rather than use a tractor. 


The focal point of Mirepoix is the central square which has a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops. The square dates back to the middle ages. Past visitors have likened to walking the real world set of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. In the square, all the houses are supported on wood pillars which creates a lovely covered arcade to walk around. If you look closely at the wooden pillars you will notice intricate beautiful carvings in the wood of women's faces, bearded heads and even a tortoise!

There are several bakeries, restaurants and shops to explore and enjoy. Every Monday, the town square hosts a large market that attracts people from all the towns and villages nearby. There are several stands selling artisanal cheese, charcuteries, orgranic vegatbles and fruit. 

Events in Mirepoix

Every Monday morning, the big market comes to Mirepoix with artisans, fishmongers, butchers, vegetable and fruit farms as well food stalls.

**Several Thursdays in July and August there is a night market as well. 


Each July there is a medieval festival in the Mirepoix square. There are parades, concerts, and shows where actors dress up in medieval costumes. Link

Also in JulyMirepoix hosts the exhibition of local history books. Fifty authors present their works to the public, while signings, conferences or meals are organized.

In August, the International Festival of Puppetry takes place in Mirepoix.  Performances by costumed actors happen day and night. Workshops are offered for children to make their own puppets. Link

In October there is the Apple Festival. Artists create elaborate structures out of apples. There is a craft market and tractor show. You can also catch apple juice-making demonstrations. Link


French Templar Knight at the Medieval Festival in Mirepoix that takes place in June every year.
Photos of Mirepoix
Street in Mirepoix France
Mirepoix cafe
Gardens around the square
Town square in the summer
Houses above Mirepoix's town square
Mirepoix town square in summer
Arcade around the town square
Quiet street in the center of town
Metal Awning in Mirepoix's square
Town Square walkway Mirepoix France
Wooden Shutters in Mirepoix
Shuttered windows in Mirepoix
Pink Apartments in town
Traffic sign outside of Mirepoix
Castle turned into monastery
Merry Go-Round at Night in Mirepoix
Yello flowers blooming in Mirepoix
Countryside near Mirepoix France
Bridge leading into Mirepoix France
Street Sign for Roumengoux
Tree in bloom near Mirepoix
Bridge leading into Mirepoix
Overlooking countryside in Ariege
Market Day in Mirepoix, France
Town square on market day
Carrots for sale at market
tomatoes for sale at market
cherry tomatoes for sale at market
Olive Stand at market
Fruit Stand at market
Knife Sharpener at market
Handbag vendor at market
Market Day
Meat Vendor at Market
Cheese vendor at the market
Iberian ham at Mirepoix market
Vegetables for sale at market
Trinket vendor in the market
Hiking sign
Countryside near Mirepoix
Corner street in Mirepoix
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